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Trust us to handle every element of your project.

With an experienced, multidisciplinary team we are able to provide expertise in civil engineering, construction and logistics. This triple service streamlines our delivery and results in projects that are delivered more efficiently, with lower risk and higher quality. Our clients gain real value from being able to trust us as a single contractor to build their projects from the hidden elements beneath the ground to the frames upon which their develop depends.

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K5 Civil Engineering

Over 20 years of providing the highest standards in Civil Engineering & Groundworks Contracting

Civil engineering projects can be complex in nature with many variables and moving parts. Having delivered clients’ civil engineering projects for over 20 years, we have gained significant experience in planning, managing and delivering high quality results. With a wide portfolio of projects behind us and an industry leading delivery team we are able to take on a wide range of specialised projects.

We engage early during the pre-construction phase of a scheme to establish strong relationships with our clients and other project stakeholders. We don’t just construct, we think. By rapidly understanding project requirements, we are able to contribute our expertise to find the optimum way to deliver projects.

From earthworks and deep drainage, through to highway infrastructure and airport taxiways, we deliver safe and environmentally considerate projects which exceed our clients quality expectations.

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Highways Infrastructure

Highways projects can often be long and complex schemes which require experience and specialist knowledge to manage effectively. Time sensitivity and risks to safety further add to the need for expert engagement.

Utilising our qualified in-house engineers and construction professionals, we can construct and manage highways projects of all sizes and complexities.

Port Storage, Airport Taxiways, Power Station Groundworks

Ports, airports and power stations require durability and reliability. A delay during the project phase will mean lost revenue, and any fault can result in significant disruption.

Our tireless approach to quality and planning enable us to take on sector critical projects with the confidence our work will meet immediate time pressures and continue to perform in the long term.

Earthworks, Deep Drainage, Enabling Works

Projects can be made or broken in the groundworks and enabling stages. A delay at this point will impact numerous subsequent activities and place a project in a state of continuous catch up.

Our deep drainage team have experienced and overcome every ground imaginable, operating safely and with precision to deliver right-first-time.

K5 Construction

Our vision is to champion conscientious construction - construction that benefits our clients, suppliers, the community and our employees without damaging the environment

Undoubtedly construction means planning and managing projects to deliver results to specification and on-time & budget. But we believe this is simply the basic standard all projects should achieve. Construction by its very nature impacts society and the environment and we can ensure it is a force for good and not destruction. With this in mind, we see ourselves as a progressive team who engage all stakeholders from the very start of a project and throughout. We understand our clients needs and expectations, we proactively engage with the community in which we are constructing and we assess the positive & negative aspects of our works on a project by project basis. This approach, formalised through our ISO management systems, ensures that we deliver projects that help our clients meet their own sustainability goals.

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Houses built on piles to overcome challenging ground conditions In Monkton Kent - Laying drainage

Principal Contractor

Klair Group are experienced in the principal contractor role and confident in coordinate the activities of multiple contractors to deliver results. Our tested procedures, skills and knowledge ensure we confidently manage health & safety risks during the construction phase.

We manage the relationships between clients, designers and contractors, facilitating and guiding clients to meet their responsibilities under the CDM regulations.


We are optimised to deliver a range of groundworks projects including Section 278 & S38 works, piling, pile capping, reinforced concrete, temporary works, roads, hard landscaping, drainage, foundations, earthworks, enabling works and remediation.

We use the latest technology and techniques to deliver safely. We know the importance of site and project management and only employ the best team to manage our projects.

RC Frames

We utilise the most up-to-date and efficient formwork systems available to deliver fast, efficient and safe construction methods. The quality of our fixers and workers, combined with our quality procedures guarantee we meet design parameters and specifications.

Whilst delivering at speed, our experienced onsite supervision ensures that health & safety standards are upheld and communication between all stakeholders happens seamlessly.

K5 Logistics

Although easy to overlook, we see logistics as the glue that holds a project together. Our logistics services are tried and tested on our own projects, and are now extended to other contractors to benefit from

We experienced first-hand the frustrations that poor logistics services and poorly trained workers can cause – this is why we established K5 Logistics. Our background and network in the logistics area has enabled us to build up a comprehensive range of services. We undertake haulage, plant hire, material redistribution, hardstanding material procurement and paving material provision. We intrinsically understand the needs of our clients, as we use our logistics service to support our construction teams. In addition to logistics services, we have a highly skilled team of construction labour and management that can be provided to projects nationwide.

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Construction Haulage & Plant

Our haulage team work tirelessly to ensure our clients get what they need, when they need it. Our high service levels and proactive approach to communication mean you should never be chasing us for information.

We only lease high performance, fuel efficient plant with modern safety features. We challenge the notion that workmen shouldn't blame their tools - we believe workers should only have the best tools in the first place

Labour & Trades Supply

Quality expectations on contractors are higher than ever, and rightly so. With 20 years experience we know that a strong team from general operatives through to management is the best way to deliver results that meet and exceed expectations.

We carefully vet our labour, ensuring we see first hand the quality of their work. We only provide labour who we would use on our own projects.

Material Supplier

Material delays and problems with quality are avoidable features of construction. To meet the demands of our own projects we have developed a material procurement process that sources and delivers the best materials.

Our material supply service extends our organisational capability in this area and makes it available to all contractors. From block paving and Indian sandstone to hardstanding material, we can deliver your project essentials.

"We started The Klair Group as we knew we could deliver construction better. It remains our mission to be the perfect partner to our clients. We control every detail of our projects and prioritise communication to ensure that the project experience is effortless. We free our clients so they can spend time on activities that add the most value to them, continuous improvement is one of our key principles. "

I. Klair