About The Klair Group

The Klair Group is a family run business with over twenty years experience.

The Klair Group was established to bring a new approach to construction. It is our vision to create a business and delivery model that meets the needs of all our stakeholders, including the environment. We are customer centric and organise our systems around delivering tailored projects for our clients, recognising that no two sites are the same.

We are long-term thinkers and continually invest in our people, our equipment and our skills. This has allowed us to develop a reputation for excellence in our field, with customer satisfaction being our highest priority.

We are made up of three companies operating as a single unit under one roof, delivering construction, civil engineering and logistics solutions. With the ability to complete works from the ground upwards and to service our projects with in house logistics, plant, materials and a high quality workforce, we present a complete solution for our clients. By maintaining internal control over much of our delivery, we reduce the number of parties involved, increasing efficiency and decreasing risk.

K5 Construction is committed to producing first-class work in the construction and groundwork sector. We retain the best of traditional skills and adapt and expand upon them to meet and exceed the needs of today’s fast-paced and technological world.

K5 Logistics provides a range of construction-related logistical, procurement and resource management services across the UK.

K5 Civil Engineering offers over 20 years of experience in providing customers with the highest standards of civil engineering and groundwork contracting.

Quality Statement

The Klair Group is committed to delivering projects to the highest standards. Our UKAS accredited ISO 9001 certified quality management system is a testament to our focus on consistent project delivery. We are client-focused and pride ourselves in understanding our clients' needs and expectations. We have tried and tested processes in place to control our delivery, from project planning, all the way through to handover and aftercare. Our extensive QA procedures ensure that we deliver against engineering standards and client expectations.

Health & Safety

We are committed to ensuring everyone goes home safely every day. Our UKAS accredited ISO 45001 certified management system is embedded extensively in our operations to facilitate continual improvement in our health and safety performance and culture. In addition to ISO 45001, we are accreditation by SSIP organisations such as CHAS. We retain membership of the health & safety organisations RoSPA and the British Safety Council.

Environmental Policy

It is our goal to be building 100 years from now, but unless we play our part in conscientiously delivering our construction projects today this vision will be hard to achieve. We leverage our ISO 14001 management system to set targets for continuously improving our environmental performance. We invest in efficient plant to reduce fuel usage and emissions, we coordinate travel of our workforce to minimise travel distances and we carefully monitor noise, dust, materials and waste to prevent damage to our local environment. Environmental performance is monitored through on site audits, and reported monthly to our management team.

Monitor, analyse and evaluate the environmental impacts of our activities

Minimise the amount of waste produced through careful ordering and well managed waste streams

Increase our use of recycled and recyclable materials

Reduce the company's carbon footprint through every decision

Implement site controls to prevent pollution of water, land and air

Minimise noise pollution created by our operations

Minimise the risk of harm to employees, the community and the environment from business activities

Take a life-cycle approach to organisational and project planning, including the disposal of plant, equipment and other physical assets under our control

Leverage our ISO 14001 management system to achieve our environmental objectives